The name's Kreiner, Fitz Kreiner. Most of my life, I was useless, a nobody picked on by a whole lot of other nobodies. But there is one thing that makes me special, and that's the Doctor.

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The TARDIS Bitch Queen From Hell

Fitz Kreiner and Compassion

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    Oh absolutely. Two of my favorite companions ever.
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    Oh fuck, yeah, the list. On one hand it’s really interesting because it’s basically a list of things that the doctor...
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    I had forgotten about the fucking ‘be human’ list ugh ugh ugh fuck off Doctor
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    He is SO bossy and arrogant with her! There’s also that thing in Shadows of Avalon or whatever where he sends her to...
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    I still hold that Compassion is among the best companions out there. She is the bitchiest TARDIS in existence and she...
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    You. I like you.
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